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Transtec INVERTER Split Air Conditioner | TRS-12IHCG | 1 Ton

Model: TRS-12IHCG
SKU: 810120

৳ 42,662.00

Bangladesh’s most energy-efficient AC with inverter technology

Switch the season as you wish!

Keeps You Cool in the summer, Gives proper warmth in winter

No need to buy room heaters for winter as this Transtec AC comes with an advanced Hot & Cool function that keeps you comfortably warm during cold winter days while providing unmatched cooling all year long.

Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion can withstand salty air, rain, and corrosive environments, which guarantees the outdoor condenser a much longer lifespan.

Our special gold fin coating not only provides a safer, longer operating Inverter Air Conditioner but is non-toxic and 100% environment-friendly


This special 1-micron, pre-coated polymer hydrophilic coating improves airflow by reducing the thickness/density of condensing water layers, known as “water carry-over phenomenon”.


 is an advanced feature designed to offer maximum comfort to the user. The remote comes with a BUILT-IN mini sensor which senses the surrounding temperature and transmits the signal back to the indoor unit. When activated, the iFEEL function will maintain the set temperature where the remote controller is located and not where the unit is installed on the wall. In this way, there is a more reliable and comfortable temperature control where the user may be located.

Super-powered Rotary Inverter Compressor


Auto-RestartSave yourself from the hassle of resetting the Air-conditioner after load shedding. Transtec Inverter Air-conditioner restarts automatically with its previously applied settings when the power returns. Good Sleep ModeSaves energy by gradually warming or cooling to match your body temperature helping you sleep comfortably. High-density air filter High-density Filter offers excellent filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean energized air. Filter cleaning gets easier, too. All you need to do is just simply wash out the dirt with flowing water to clean the filter.
Transtec Inverter Series ACs use R410A which is an eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable refrigerant. Technically, it is a superior refrigerant having Zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) & Low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Specifications Applicable for 120 Square Feet ; Height - 10 feet (Except Top Floor)  
• Technical Specifications Data


Power Supply

Rated Voltage V~ 220-240 Rated Frequency Hz 50 Phases -- 1

Cooling Capacity

Btu/h - - 12000


- 10.78 (Btu/h)/w


(Btu/h)/w 11.24

Air Flow Volume

- Turbo/High/Medium/Low - 800/720/610/520 (m3/h)

Dehumidifying Volume

- 1.80 L/h

Application Area

Area - 120 Square Feet ; Height - 10 feet (Except Top Floor)

Sound Power Level

dB (A) Turbo/High/Medium/Low- 58/54/51/48
General Feature


Automatic Operation Cooling Heating Dehumidify Fan Auto Swing(Vertical) Auto Fan iFeel Intelligent Preheating Several Optional Filters (eg:Active Carbon) Timer Auto Restart Turbo Clock Temperature Soft Start Self Diagnosis Lock LED Force Defrosting Energy Saving 8℃ Heating Mode Turbo Cooling Low Voltage Startup Standby


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