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Rangs RSDC-24CH Split type 02 Ton Inverter Air-conditioner

10 Years Compressor & 02 Years Parts & Service Warranty

৳ 65,365.00

07 Rangs DC Inverter technology

Rangs DC inverter uses the high efficiency compressor and quality DC motors t ensure the AC work stably, efficiently, safely and energy-saving.

0.1 0C Accurate Sense of Technology 

The fine temperature control capacity than ordinary inverter air conditioner increased by 2-5 times and can be based on indoor load to accurately adjust the refrigerant flow, all-time room temperature 0.1 0C fine control. Not only can prevent the temperature overshoot brought by the waste of energy, but also to avoid the temperature fluctuations caused by uncomfortable feeling, a fundamental solution to the phenomenon of hot and cold.

180 Dgree Sine Wave Control

Rangs DC inverter air conditioner adopts the benchmark technology of 180 dgree sine wave c control technology. Compared with 120 dgree square wave technology, it is with the efficiency, lower energy consumption, and better stability and reliability.

Quick Comfort

Rangs DC inverter air conditioner as a wide range of frequency conversion, cooling with 6 times the speed, heating with 9 times the speed. After turning on, it can make the compressor 1 minute into the high-frequency operating to achieve maximum operation speed, instantly reach the maximum input cooling volume.

DC Motor

Compared with the AC motor, DC motor with the wide rang of the speed control, low – power, low noise.

DC Two-Spool Compressor

DC inverter air conditioner use high efficiency two-spool compressor, compare with one-spool compressor, smaller shakiness and more stable.

-200 C Ultralow Tem Start

In winter, normal AC is difficult to start. Rangs DC inverter use digit start tech, -200C low temper start as usual, strong heating input.

Wide Voltage Range Start

Rangs Inverter air conditioner with 150v-268v wide voltage range to match all kinds of tough environment.


Smart Control

Dynamic Partition

According to Identification and tracking the number of people indoor and their position, human body sensing technology can realize to supply the air to human activities area.

Smart Air Flow

Human body sensing technology realize the “follow me” and “avoid me” (keep air blow opposite people) function, to make you enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Smart Sleep

AC adopts the newly developed light sensor control technology, when the light become dark in the room for a few minutes, the AC will automatically change to sleep mode and energy saving operation without human control. When the light brightens the room, the AC will automatically exit the sleep mode and run normally.


Energy Saving & Comfort

C Shaped Efficient Evaporator

Evaporator is one of the most important components and the main carrier to realize heating and cooling exchange in air conditioner. Other brands’ air conditioning mainly used 3 bending type evaporator which is slow, noisy and wastes. We use C-shaped evaporator, compared with the normal evaporator, its heat exchange area increased to 15-30%. At the same time, it avoids the air reverse blowing increases 12-25% cooling and heating speed. It effectively reduce the noise level.

0.1W Standby

Rangs air conditioner research and development there high efficiency air conditioner of cooling, heating and standby with APF energy efficiency up to 4.8 and high efficient standby mode will make the standby power down from 6W to 0.1W. out products are for creating the green live and save more energy.

Tooth -Shape Inner-Grooved Copper Tube

By adopting newly tooth-shape design high efficiency groove inner brass screw technology to enlarge the are between refrigerant and brass, the efficiency of heat exchange can be improved about 3-50%.

4D Air Flow

Distributes a stream of air to a wider area by combining the vertical and horizontal auto-swing.


Rangs AC use not equidistant fan, scatter sond sorce, less resonance; less frequency, effectively lower noise.


Sleep mode can keep the room temperature in certain level and protect people from getting cold.

Turbo Operation

With this function, the air conditioner will maximize the output of cooling and heating capacity, make the room cool down or heat up more rapidly, and attain the desired temperature in the shortest time.



Cold Plasma

Cold plasma is a device that ionizes the air by positive and negative high voltage electrodes simultaneously. Through air ionization, it can reduce dust, relieve stress and improve immunity.

Auto Clean

When the air conditioner is turned off, the fan will continue to work for 2 minutes and thus will keep the unit from mildew.

Anti-dust Filter HD

Anti-dust filter will prevent the dirt from penetrating into the air conditioner system, which could guarantee the clean and healthy air.

Anti-bacterial filter

The filer is made of quality static fibre which can absorb the tiny particle and dust in the air, including the scurf of pets and mildew. It also contains active environmental-friendly component which can keep the best air quality.

3 in 1 Filter

The filter is excellent dust removal efficiency and efficiency, the release of beneficial physical and mental health of negative ions, such as the early morning forest, refreshing to protect family health, good breath, good live.

Model: RSDC-24CH Power : Single -phase a.c. Rated Voltage - 220-240V
Cooling Capacity 24000(3800-25000)
Power Input 2330 (450-3350) W
Rated Current 10.7 (2.1-16.4) A
Noise (indoor/outdoor) 49/57 dB(A)
Air circulation quality (indoor)
1200 m3/h
Design Pressure 1.15 MPa Suction 4.15 MPa Discharge
The maximum operating pressure 4.2 MPa Low 4.2 MPa High
Refrigerant filling quantity (R410A 1.58 Kg
Waterproof level (outdoor) IPX4
Protection type for shockproof Class 1
Climate application type T1


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