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Gree Ceiling Type 3.5 Ton Air Conditioner

Key Features

  • Cooling and Heating Mood.
  • Multi Fan Speed.
  • Wide Angel Louvers.
  • BTU 42000 BTU/Hr (3.5 Ton).
  • Air Flow Direction Control.
  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode.
  • Washable Air Purify Filters.
  • Golden Fin Condenser.

৳ 148,000.00

When Mother Nature turns the warm up, air training help you keep awesome and comfortable at your house. Due to various aspects leading to the climatic change, these days air training are becoming a necessity in many houses and workplaces. Gree Ceiling Type 3.5 Ton Air Conditioner is also said to be HVAC that appears for heating, air flow and air training equipment, and helps in maintaining suitable moisture and proper air flow. An air refresher also filtration dust, smoke and other harmful bacteria from the outside air to make a healthy atmosphere for you.

There are a variety of air training available on the internet. But which Air Conditioner to use depends upon a number of aspects such as, the size of the place that has to be cooled off and the total warm generated inside the surrounded place.

Gree Ceiling Type 3.5 Ton Air Conditioner are ideal if you want to cool-down more than two areas or a larger space at your house. There are two preparations possible with a packed Air Conditioner. In the first one, the air compressor, condenser, development device and evaporator are located in a single box. The cooled off air is tossed by the high capacity motorized infiltrator, and reaching to the various areas through duct-work. In the second agreement, the Air Conditioner and condenser are located together in one covering, while the compacted gas goes through individual units, like the development device and cooling coils, located in various areas.

Technical Detail specifications: Gree Ceiling Type 3.5 Ton Air Conditioner
Model Number: (International)
Air Conditioner Type
Cooling/ Heating
Power Supply
3Ph,380V, 50Hz
Capacity of COOLING
42000 BTU
Input Power Consumption
5050 Watts
Air Flow (m3 /h)
Refrigerant Type
400-460 Sft
Noise Calculations (dB)
Indoor Unit
≤ 55
Outdoor unit
≤ 62
Total Weight           Net/Gross (Kg)
Indoor Unit
42 kg
Outdoor Unit
112 Kg
Packing Dimensions    L X W X H (mm)
Indoor unit
1032/1250/412 mm
Outdoor Unit
1100/1280/450 MM
Auto Timer


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