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LED TV Price in Bangladesh

Television has developed and come a long way from when it was first invented. In this generation of science, there are now various kinds of televisions like LED, OLED, Plasma, 4K, Smart. LED screen televisions really brought a new turn in the development of televisions. LED TVs brought a revolutionary change in television history.

So, what is LED television? LED televisions are the kind of TVs that uses light-emitting diodes, in short LEDs to backlight the display, whereas in traditional TVs cold cathode fluorescent was used. Thus we can get a better display. Through LEDD TVs the lookers can get a wider color experience and dimming range, greater contrast ratio. LED TVs are way slimmer and lighter than traditional TVs.

LED TVs have gained a lot of popularity and preference in the world. In Bangladesh too customers now prefer LED TVs more. So, if you are from Bangladesh you might be curious about LED TV prices in Bangladesh.

Buying Guide

Before buying any product knowing exactly what you want and the features you need in your device is very important. And that goes for buying a television too. Be sure of what type of television you want and the space you have decided to keep your TV in. Also, you have to know about the price and how much you can afford to spend on purchasing a television. And that’s why you need a buying guide.

Screen Size

The screen size depends on the size and space of the room you’re planning to keep your television in. Also, keep in mind the number of your family members who will watch TV together.  Then get a suitable-sized television that will fit your room and would appear smart in your house. Don’t get a huge screen if your room doesn’t have enough space, especially if you are planning to get a television for your bedroom then the suggestion will be to get a medium-sized screen television. But if you’re planning to keep it in your living room which has enough space go for a big size.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is very important for buying a television. Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the displayed picture. So, the higher the resolution is the better and detailed the picture is. Here 4K TVs are better for a better picture display. The biggest benefit of a 4K TV is the details, even the smallest objects are shown as detailed as possible and sharper text.  Overall the picture appears richer in a 4K TV. But then again you choose on your own knowing what kind of resolution you want to have.


HDR is an additional feature in the latest 4K TVs. This feature claims to display the most blacks and whites. So if you want to have most colors and detailed blacks and whites, you should look for a TV containing this feature.

Refresh Rate

The refreshed rate describes how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. It is expressed as Hz or Hertz. 60Hz is the standard refreshed rate. But fast or rapidly moving objects in a scene can appear blurry with a 60Hz refresh rate. So, the manufacturing companies double the refresh rate to 120 Hz or 240 Hz. And if “effective refresh rate” is mentioned it means the actual rate is half the rate mentioned. So, buy a television by being sure of the refresh rate you want. Like, if you’re a gamer and are planning to play on the TV, you might be keen to get higher refresh rates, if you don’t have a gaming console.

HDMI and Connections

Be aware of the HDMI ports. Because the more ports and plugs to connect devices the better. Sometimes manufacturers offer fewer HDMI plugs on the back of the device to shave off some cost. But these ports come in handy when you want to connect sound boxes, Chromecast, or a game console.


Some of the TVs may come with some extra features that might fascinate you. Especially, if you’re a gamer you might like a TV with extra HDMI ports to connect your console. So, before buying a TV consider the features and connectivity.


Audio is important for a TV. Because if your television comes with poor audio then your entertainment or news might get ruined. And sadly, even the most expensive televisions can have poor audio. So, be sure the audio of your purchased device is good enough. You can also think of getting a soundbar if you want a better experience.


The price matters in buying a TV. So, before purchasing one make a budget about how much you want to spend on this home appliance. Don’t go for the expensive ones if your budget is low. And nowadays most of the manufacturing companies trade their products at a very affordable price and you can get the best experience you want in a very low priced TV too. If you’re a customer of Bangladesh you can look for which TV is best at a low price in Bangladesh, if you’re not planning to spend a lot of money on your television.

LED TV Brands in Bangladesh


Walton is the best electronic brand in Bangladesh. Also, as it is a Bangladeshi conglomerate, it instantly gained the trust of the Bangladeshi people. Walton was founded 44 years ago, in 1977, by S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi. It was founded as a trading company but over the decades the group started manufacturing electronics and automobiles.  In late 2000, Walton entered the electronics and car industry and expanded towards them, which became their main income source soon. In 2017, they started manufacturing smartphones and tablets and named the plat “ Walton Digi-Tech Industries”.And now Walton has become one of the leading business companies in Bangladesh.


Samsung is a South Korean group manufacturing electronics. It is the largest South Korean business conglomerate. This group was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. Though the group was founded as a trading company in the late 196s Samsung entered the electronic industry. And till then it has been one of the most preferred among customers. So, if you are looking for the best LED TV you might find it here.


Sony operates as one of the world’s largest electronic products manufacturers. It is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Since the company started its journey it gained popularity among the whole world instantly. If you look at the market you’ll find Sony electronics as one of the most preferred among customers. So, it is obvious that you can get the best tv service from Sony TV.


Starex was founded in 1958 as a Coimbatore-based company. At first, this group was involved in fiber production and yearn testing instruments. Then through the years, they involved themselves in manufacturing electronics and technology development. And now they are one of the dominating electronic groups in the market.


LG Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company. It was founded in1958 by Koo In-Hwoi. It is a part of the LG Corporation which is one of the biggest business conglomerates in South Korea. LG has been one of the most preferred electronics brands among the customers since it started its journey. So, if you’re thinking of buying a LED TV you might find one of  the best ones here,


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun. This Chinese company is already the largest manufacturer of smartphones and other electronics after Samsung. This group manufactures consumer electronics, related software, home appliances, and household items. Xiaomi has made a pretty dominant place for itself in the market in this era and is one of the best companies for electronics. So, you can find the best LED TV you want here.


LED TV price in Bangladesh

The LED TV prices in Bangladesh start from 5,000 BDT depending on the features and size of the preferred TV and can go up to 99,900 BDT.

LED TV price in Bangladesh depends on the demands of the consumers. So, here are some LED tv prices in Bangladesh.

Samsung 65TU7000 65” Crystal UHD 4K Smart LED TV 93,000 BDT
Walton LED TV W24D29 (610MM) 24” 11,500 BDT
Walton LED TV WD24R (610MM) 24” 12,400 BDT
Walton LED TV W32Q20 (813MM) 32” 20,000 BDT
Walton LED TV WD1-EF322-SV110 (8133MM) 32” 20,000 BDT
Walton HD LED TV W24D29 13,000 BDT
Walton WD326JX-150 LED TV 32 Inch Black 27,000 BDT
Walton W24D20 (610MM) LED TV 24 Inch Black 12,990 BDT
Mi 4A 32 Inch Android Smart TV with Netflix 26,500 BDT
Xiaomi Mi 4A Horizon Edition 43” Full HD Smart Android TV 35,000 BDT
Xiaomi Mi 4X L43M4-4AIN 43 Inch Smart Android 4K TV with Netflix 42,000 BDT
Xiaomi Mi P1 L43M6-6AEU 43 Inch Smart Android 4K TV with Netflix 45,000 BDT
Starex 17NB 17” Wide LED Television 5,500 BDT
Starex 19” NB Wide LED TV Monitor 6,000 BDT
Starex 24NB 24” Wide LED Televison 10,000 BDT
Starex 32” Wide LED TV Monitor 15,000 BDT
Starex 32” GS Smart Android LED TV Monitor (Double Glass) 16,500 BDT
Starex 43” 4K Smart Android LED TV (Double Glass) 27,500 BDT
Starex 55” 4K Smart Android LEDD TV (Double Glass) 43,000 BDT
Starex 65” 4K Smartt Android LEDD TV (Double Glass) 54,000 BDT

Nowadays television has become one of the necessary home appliances. It was made to have entertainment right in your home. Though it became available in the late 1920s, it was only used for experimental purposes. Then in 1928, the first transatlantic television signal was broadcasted by Baird Television Development Company, also known as Cinema-Television. Since then television has seen so many revolutions and developments every year. More and more companies started manufacturing televisions. Brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Walton, Xiaomi, Starex have gained popularity in the market of electrics through manufacturing television.


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