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Starex TV Price in Bangladesh

According to the studies in 2019, at least 79% of homes in the whole world have a television in their house. Television is a system for converting visual images into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen. Pretty big huh? So, in short, it’s a device with a screen for receiving television signals.

About Starex TV

Starex was founded in 1958. This group was founded as a Coimbatore-based company. At first, this group was involved in fiber production and yearn testing instruments. Then through the years, they involved themselves in manufacturing electronics and technology development. And now they are one of the dominating electronic groups in the market.


In Bangladesh, Starex has already made its place as one of the most preferred electronics companies. So, if you are a customer from Bangladesh and is looking for TVs you might be curious about Starex TV price in Bangladesh.

Buying Guide

Before buying a TV there are some basic things that you need to keep in mind first you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on a TV and then carefully go through the specifications and everything that is needed. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before you are ready to make any big commitment.

Screen size and type

Screen size and type before buying any TV you have to figure out what is the perfect TV size for your living space. There are two ways you can figure this out

  1. Measure the distance between your sofa and the TV
  2. Decide the resolution

For example, if your viewing distance is 3-6ft then you need a 24 inch TV with an HD resolution. If the viewing distance is 8-15t and above 65-inch screen size would be ideal with a 4K resolution.


For display, you need to focus on the following points

Display type

Display type is basically what type of TV do you wish to buy, do you want a smart TV, a regular LED TV, or an Ultra HD.


  • You know what they say about resolution, higher resolution equals to better picture quality and sharper image. Resolution is the number of pixels on display and the higher the number of pixels it will deliver higher clarity and sharpness. Currently, three resolutions are available
  • 720p (HD ready): Has 1X clarity
  • 1080p (Full HD): Has 2X clarity
  • 4K( 2160p or UHD): has 8X clarity

Contrast ratio

Higher contrast ratio leads to a clearer picture and shows all the visible details that a lower contrast ratio misses out on.

  1. High dynamic range or HDR

HDR is a new way to produce more colors, brightness, and more dark scenes all on one big screen. There are two HDR standards one HDR 10 and Dolby vision. TV with these certifications produces more color and gives more clarity to the picture quality


When buying a smart four things should one keep in mind

  1. Operating system and interface which will be able to determine if you can use or download certain apps and will allow to ease navigation on the TV
  2. The higher the RAM the less it will lag for most uses 2GB RAM is enough and for storage capacity 8GB should allow most apps and movies to be stored.
  3. Phone mirroring and casting in some TVs is built-in and for some, you have to download the app from the store on your TV.
  4. Remote and navigation ensure if the TV is easy to navigate especially voice control and using the air remotely.


Connectivity ports help to connect external devices. The most useful ports to look out for are:

  1. HDMI= transfers audio and video, best in quality used for connecting HD set-top box, DVD player, Blue-ray player, gaming console, Fire TV stick, laptops.
  2. USB – transfers audio and video. Devices that can be connected are a pen drive, hard drive, digital camera, internet dongle.
  3. RCA port used for set-top box and old DVD players.
  4. Ethernet or LAN port used for connecting internet cable is not needed if you have good Wi-Fi connection but in terms of streaming 4k, this is much suitable than Wi-Fi.
  5. Bluetooth for wirelessly connections such as headphones and speakers.

Output ports

For connecting external speakers, headphones, or home heating system you need a 3.5mm Audio out jack, RCA audio out, and HDMI, Audio Return channel.

Sound output and technology

TV with a good sound quality will have a higher watt output. Higher the watt louder the sound.

Sound technology is what to look out for in terms of the speaker, Dolby digital, or DTS premium.

Starex TV Type


  • The price of LED TV is within everyone’s price range and has high resolution can enjoy your favorite shows at 720p resolution.
  • It is easy to set and has a trendy narrow bezel that allows more focus on the screen by cutting down thick borders and thanks to Walton’s International standards, you will be able to enjoy more lifelike colors on your television.
  • It has the best audio quality and a variety of extensions.
  • This TV has assorted content which means all you need to do is plug in your USB stick, select your desired content, and press play to enjoy it. So the user no longer needs to compromise with entertainment.


  • With android smart TV it has a built-in web browser which makes browsing easier,
  • It enables internet access, you can view web pages, watch videos on YouTube, and view photo slideshows all from the comfort of your living room.
  • You can set this smart TV anywhere in your house.
  • You can connect your gaming device or your phone and enjoy it with ease.
  • Netflix with this seems like a match made in heaven.


  • 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels (four times the number of pixels as the standard 1080p HDTV (Full HDTV).
  • Reproduce colors that aren’t visible with the current full HDTV. This enhanced color space improves the viewer experience.
  • Fluid Motion Engine reduces lag and ensures blur-free motion during fast-moving scenes.

Why choose Starex TV

As Starex is one of the leading companies now in the market, there are many reasons to buy a Xiaomi Mobile. And in Bangladesh Starex has become one of the most preferred TV brands and also for other electronics. So, let’s see why should you choose Xiaomi TV.


All of them come with great appearance. And always remember a home appliance with a great and smart appearance can increase your home’s look.


You can find TVs of every size that would be suitable for your home.


Starex TVs contain great resolutions that would help you to get a great experience while watching a sport or a TV show.


All of the Xiaomi smart TVs have great audio.

HDMI and Connectors

Starex smart TVs contain enough HDMI ports and connectors that would come in use for you to connect other devices.


Starex TVs are usually budget-friendly and are affordable for families of every financial state. In Bangladesh, Starex TVs are very affordable, and if you’re from Bangladesh looking for the best TV at the best price you might like to know about Starex TV prices in Bangladesh.

Best Seller Starex Television

Starex 40 Inch Full HD Wall Mountable WiFi Smart LED TV

Screen Size: 40 inch

Panel: Flat

Resolution: Full HD

3D Technology: 2D

Connectivity: USB/HDMI/WiFi//LAN/RF

Starex 43 Inch 4K Smart Android TV

TV Type: 4k TV

Remote control

Screen Size: 43 Inch

Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels

Model Number: 55LF680T

Display Brightness: 260 cd/m2

Memory Card Reader

Starex 32 Inch Full HD Wall MOUNTABLE LED TV

Screen Size: 32 Inch

Panel: Flat

Resolution: HD

3D Technology: 2D

Connectivity: USB/HDMI

Starex 55 Inch Silver Panel 4K Smart Android TV

TV Type: 4K

Remote Control

Double Glass

Screen Size: 55 Inch

Display Resolution: 920 X 1080 Pixels

Display Typ: LED

Model Number: 55LF680T

Display Brightness: 260 cd/m2

Memory Card Reader

Starex GS 32 Inch Android Smart TV (Double Glass)

Display Type: Flat Screen LED

Screen Size: 32 Inch Display

Resolution: HD (1366 X 768)

Audio Speaker System: Hi Quality Built-In Speaker

Connectivity: HDMI/USB

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Remote Control

Starex TV price in Bangladesh

As Starex has become one of the leading electronic brands in Bangladesh you can only expect the best from this group. So if you’re curious about the price of Starex TVs here are some Starex TV Prices in Bangladesh.

Starex 40 Inch Full HD Wall Mountable WiFi Smart LED TV 19,500 BDT
Starex 43 Inch 4K Smart Android TV 26,000 BDT
Starex 32 Inch Full HD Wall Mountable LED TV 11,000 BDT
Starex 55 Inch Silver Panel 4K Smart Android TV 46,000 BDT
Starex GS 32 Inch Android Smar TV (Double Glass LED Monitor) 10,950 BDT
Starex 40” Smart Android TV,LED Monitor 22,000 BDT
Starex 32” GS Smart Android TV LED Monitor (Double Glass) 17,500 BDT
Starex 17NB 17” Wide LED Television 5,500 BDT
Starex 24NB 24” Wide LED Television 10,000 BDT
Starex 40” Smart Android LED TV Monnitor 21,000 BDT
Starex 55” 4K Smart Android LED TV (Double Glass) 43,000 BDT

Nowadays television has become one of the necessary home appliances. It was made to have entertainment right in your home. Though it became available in the late 1920s, it was only used for experimental purposes. Then in 1928, the first transatlantic television signal was broadcasted by Baird Television Development Company, also known as Cinema-Television. Since then television has seen so many revolutions and developments every year. More and more companies started manufacturing televisions. Brands like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Starex have gained popularity in the market of electrics through manufacturing television. And if you’re looking for the best TV service you can find that in Starex.




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