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Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

About Walton Refrigerator

Being the most prominent electronics and other electrical appliances provider brand in Bangladesh, Walton offers you the best range of refrigerators with versatile options to choose from within your designated price point.

Walton is a reliable brand for the people in Bangladesh since it has been manufacturing and providing quality products to every doorstep of the country.

The brand earned its unprecedented success from years of service and unparalleled capability in producing cost-effective, trendy, quality products.

Walton refrigerators offer an affordable price range, brand new improvised technology application, thus the customers are always satisfied with the products.

Why choose Walton refrigerator

Walton refrigerators are suitable for your choice since they come with a range of colors, styles, operating options, structure, and premium options, that you will not find in other brand refrigerators.

Here’s why you should choose Walton refrigerators:

Premium quality refrigerators: If you are looking for a refrigerator with all kinds of premium features, Walton is the best.

Colorful designs: Walton fridges come in different designs and colors, making the styles diverse.

Affordable: Walton refrigerators start from a very affordable price, thus if you are looking for a good functioning refrigerator within budget, you can choose Walton refrigerators.

Types of Walton Refrigerator

There are two main types of Walton refrigerators, which are- frost and non-frost refrigerators.

Other than these two main types, you can also get freezers and beverage cooler fridges as well.


A Frost cooling system is applied in some of the refrigerators, and these refrigerators produce the necessary chill through natural convection. It also requires little amount of electricity to function.

These refrigerators are operated by one or two motors. Walton can provide you good quality frost refrigerators that are manufactured with the latest technology.

These types of refrigerators are more propitious for industrial purposes.


Non-frost refrigerators are a more convenient option than direct cool or frost refrigerators since these do not require manual deicing or defrosting of any sort.

The growing popularity of non-frost refrigerators allows brand new technologies to sweep over the market, and Walton is the best at maintaining innovation quality.

These are more expensive, but due to customer demand and increasing technology, the price gap is declining constantly. Non-frost refrigerators are also better at keeping a consistent temperature.

With Walton’s service, you can easily find a non-frost refrigerator of your choice.

Walton Refrigerator Buying Guide

Before buying a refrigerator, you should keep certain factors in your mind. According to your demand, choice in features, budget, electricity use- all these considerations should be kept in mind before investing a huge amount of money in refrigerators, or all your investment might go to waste.

Here is a buying guide you can follow while purchasing a Walton refrigerator:

Refrigerator Dimensions

To choose a refrigerator for your household, first of all, you should consider the space of refrigerator available in your house.

You should measure if the height of your ceiling is too low, and the width and depth of the area as well. Also do not forget to factor in ventilation space.

Refrigerator capacity

Refrigerator capacity is measured in liters, where gross capacity means total capacity, and net capacity refers to the volume of the storage. These capacities are used to show how much a refrigerator can hold.

Energy usage

There is a ratio measurement by which the energy efficiency of a refrigerator is counted, it is called EER (Energy Efficient Ratio).

The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient is the refrigerator.

Modern refrigerators with premium options tend to eat less energy, thus proven to be more efficient.


Budget is an important factor while choosing refrigerators. You can start by estimating how much you are willing to spend on your refrigerator with all your desired features included.

Since this is a long-term investment, budget is an important criterion you should keep in mind.

Door style

Refrigerators come with versatile door style choices. These include single-door refrigerators, double-door refrigerators, bottom freezers, side-by-side door freezers, French doors, and so on.

Essential features

The essential features of a fridge include compressor capability, the height of the shelves, built-in controls, different compartments, etc.

According to your household needs, you can keep your required features in mind.

Best Seller Walton Refrigerator in Bangladesh

Some of the best seller Walton refrigerators are given below.

Bestseller Non-frost Refrigerators:

These are cyclopentane-free non-frost fridges, with a gross volume of 430 and net volume of 370 liters, these are 5 star rated products from Walton. The latest intelligent inverter technology is used in these products. You do not need to use any voltage stabilizer here.

  1. WNH-4C0-HDSR-XX
  2. WNH-4C0-HDXX-XX
  3. WNH-4C0-RXXX-XX
  4. WNL-5G5-KPXX-XX
  5. WNI-5F3-GDEL-DD

Bestseller Frost Refrigerators:

These are the popular frost refrigerators with a gross volume of 380 liters and a net volume of 365 liters.

  1. WFC-3F5-GDEH-XX
  2. WFE-3E8-GDEN-XX
  3. WFC-3D8-GDNE-XX
  4. WFK-3D7-GDEL-XX
  5. WFE-3C3-GDXX-XX

Walton Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Walton refrigerator price in Bangladesh is considered to be the most reasonable than any other refrigerator price in Bangladesh.

The Walton fridge price in Bangladesh has a diverse range, starting from an affordable amount and then gradually increasing.

If you have a moderate budget, you can easily find a fridge of your own choice with essential features and functions within your estimated cost.

On the other hand, if you have a heavy wallet and are willing to spend on a more premium quality fridge, those options are available to you as well.

Prices and features may vary from the refrigerator to refrigerator, but their given functions and properties at their price point are sufficient and immaculate.

  • Direct cool or frost refrigerators start from Tk. 10,990 and up to Tk. 40,390.
  • Non-frost refrigerators start from Tk. 25,900 and up to Tk. 80,900.
  • Freezers start from Tk. 19,650 and up to Tk. 43,900.
  • Beverage coolers start from Tk. 29,500 and up to Tk. 59,900.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, you can buy your desired refrigerator from the Walton brand with the best quality guarantee and warranty available.

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