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Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh [Updated 2022]

On a humid day, there is hardly anything greater than a refreshing drink. However, if your refrigerator isn't working correctly, you can wind up with an unattractive, warm beverage, which isn't exactly what you wanted. One of our very essential domestic appliances is the refrigerator.

It cools food and beverages by forcing a fluid refrigerant via a sealed structure, causing it to evaporate and remove heat from the refrigerator.

Beyond the fridge, the evaporated refrigerant is transferred across coils (at the bottom or back). This heats the vapor and converts it to a liquid again.

This is indeed a life-altering invention. Unlike in the past, when preserving food was a huge work, refrigerators make it simple.

Food that would have gone bad in a matter of hours on the table now lasts a couple of days or weeks in the refrigerator.

This not only improves our life easier, but it also assists us remain healthy by lowering our chance of contracting food-borne illnesses.

List of Best Refrigerator In Bangladesh [Updated 2022]

SL Refrigerator Price
 1 Hitachi 3 Door French Bottom Freezer ৳ 97,500
2 Jamuna JR LES632800 Refrigerator ৳ 32,000
3 LG 308 Liter No-Frost Refrigerator ৳ 56,000
4 Marcel MFC-C4H-GDXX-XX Refrigerator ৳ 35,600
5 Minister M-165 DEEP Refrigerator ৳ 19,400
6 Rangs RR-350BT 365 Ltr Refrigerator ৳ 37,500
7 SAMSUNG | RS74R5101SL/TL – 676L Refrigerator ৳ 196,900
8 Sharp SJ-FX660S Refrigerator ৳ 379,900
9 Singer BCD 198R Refrigerator ৳ 29,990
10 Walton WNJ-5H5-RXXX-XX Refrigerator ৳ 53,500

Refrigerators are manufactured by a large number of enterprises in Bangladesh. According to a Dhaka University study, the yearly market for freezers has expanded by $131 million in only two years, following $549 million in 2018.

Bangladesh's refrigerator industry has grown at a dual pace over the last decade, thanks to the fast expansion of a middle-income class, rising proportions of small households and employed women amidst nationwide electricity and industrialization, and the localization of production.

And today, according to Marketing Watch Bangladesh (MWB), a study effort of Dhaka University's department of marketing, the industry will hit $900 million by 2022. In this post, we will provide you a listing of the 10 finest refrigerator brands in Bangladesh.

1. HITACHI Refrigerator

Originally set by Hitachi founder Namihei Odaira, the Mission has been carefully passed on to generations of employees and stakeholders throughout the company's 100-year history.

The Values reflect the Hitachi Founding Spirit, which was shaped by the achievements of our company predecessors as they worked hard to fulfill Hitachi's Mission.

The Vision has been created based on the Mission and Values. It is an expression of what the Hitachi Group aims to become in the future as it advances to its next stage of growth.

The Mission, Values and Vision are made to be shared in a simple concept: Hitachi Group Identity. The mission that Hitachi aspires to fulfill in society

Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.

What the Hitachi Group aims to become in the future Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society's challenges.

With our talented team and proven experience in global markets, we can inspire the world.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable HITACHI Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

2. JAMUNA Refrigerator

JAMUNA is one of the oldest and trusted brands in Bangladesh especially when it comes to home appliances. Jamuna fridges are energy efficient, astonishingly silent and deliver a very decent cooling performance.

With the methodically designed vents, the air flow system delivers uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator and keeps the food healthy and fresh.

Best refrigerator in Bangladesh. Jamuna Electronics & Automobiles Ltd view business as a means to the material and social well-being of the investors, employees, users and many others at large leading to accretion of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of development of civilization. Jamuna is a popular brand in Bangladesh.

They offer good-quality refrigerators in accordance with the demand of their customers. Interestingly, you are getting up to 60% energy saving. It offers refrigerators at standard rates.

You can buy Jamuna JE-170L CD WATER LILY. You will be able to buy it for around BDT 22000-23000. Amazingly, it gives up to 72 hours of backup even if electricity runs out.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable JAMUNA Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

3. Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung is committed to complying with local laws and regulations as well as applying a strict global code of conduct to all employees.

It believes that ethical management is not only a tool for responding to the rapid changes in the global business environment, but also a vehicle for building trust with its various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and local communities.

it believes that living by strong values is the key to good business. That’s why these core values, along with a rigorous code of conduct, are at the heart of every decision the company makes.

Samsung is a trusted brand in the electronics market. Most of the fridge models are very much attractive and equipped with outstanding features. There is no doubt this brand is bringing great updates.

You will be surprised to know that the latest ones can be monitored by your smartphone.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Samsung Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

4. Singer Refrigerator

The SINGER saga began in 1851, when Sir Isaac Merritt Singer with US$ 40 in the borrowed capital began to manufacture and sell a machine to automate and assist in the making of clothing.

This revolutionary product was the first offering from the newly formed I.M. Singer & Company, which has now evolved into the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of sewing related products.

The SINGER brand name is now famous around the globe.

Singer is one of the most popular brands in Bangladesh. Probably, there is anyone in Bangladesh who does not know the name of this electronics brand.

There is no doubt that refrigerators of this brand are good. You will find a lot of refrigerator models of Singer.

But if you want one at a cheaper rate, I recommend you to buy Singer-DF2-18-RN fridge.

Actually, Singer provides good-quality products and so they cost much. But it is rational indeed.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Singer Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

5. LG Refrigerator

LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many home appliances such as radios and TVs.

LG’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals.

It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives. LG has the perfect fridge for your home, your life and your style.

Not only can you choose from several types of innovative refrigerators, you’ll get all the latest features like LG's exclusive Linear Compressor technology, which delivers optimum cooling, operating efficiency and reliability.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable LG Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

6. Marcel Refrigerator

The brand MARCEL is owned and operated by WALTON GROUP head quartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Its principal activities are designing, manufacturing, exporting, retailing of consumer electronics, home appliances, and automobiles.

The manufacturing and product design operations are carried out at Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC (WHIPLC).

R.B. GROUP has several subsidiary companies under it for distributing MARCEL products spread across Bangladesh and International Market.

Established in 2006, WHIPLC has achieved a considerable market share within the industry.

It is the pioneer in manufacturing most comprehensive range of products including Multi-Staged Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner, Automobile and Home Appliance. MARCEL products are recognized for their quality, ease of use and innovative technology.

MARCEL uses technologically advanced manufacturing facilities to validate and ensures all products’ innovations are designed around people’s need and aspirations touching one’s life every day.

Marcel is known to apply some of the best technology and engineering in its refrigerator production. The refrigerators are well known to be reliable, easy to use, and affordable.

The products are also very well designed and incorporate stylish and modern looks. Additionally, Marcel also has one of the best after-sale services in the market.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Marcel Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

7. Minister Refrigerator

Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited is the latest technology-oriented industry in Bangladesh and the company realized the value of the local brand and has established it in the heart of the common people of the country.

Minister is such a brand that is known to all more or less. With the passage of time, the demand for Minister Refrigerators is increasing day by day.

You can buy a Minister fridge with an easy installment. Besides, the rate is not so high. Minister offers outstanding refrigerators at a lower rate.

People who have a lower budget can buy Minister M-165. It has 10 safeties with 60% of energy saving.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Minister Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

8. Walton Refrigerator

Walton is the latest multinational electrical, electronics, automobiles and other appliances brand with one of the largest well-equipped R & I facilities in the world carried out its production through different subsidiaries under the banner of Walton group headquarters in Bangladesh.

Today, Walton has a workforce of more than 30000+ in total 22 production bases under 700+ acres of factory area.

The capacity of yearly production is 10 million units based on the market demands. Walton is the giant professional manufacturer in the relevant industry and has gained high reputation in terms of its unbeatable capability for producing Electrical and Electronics goods in the most competitive way in aspect of quality, cost, design and innovation.

When you have Walton refrigerator & freezer in your home you are safe from going to market every day that keeps you free from extra burden. You can keep all your foods and stuffs fresh for long.

Their energy-saving, stylish, equipped with 100% copper condenser & Nano technology Walton refrigerator & freezer will make a vivid distinction in your kitchen. It will ensure you least noise & maximum storage space.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Walton Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

9. Rangs Refrigerator

The RANGS company has always been known as a pioneer in the field of consumer electronics technology in Bangladesh.

It enjoys the number one position in assembling, manufacturing, importing, exporting, repairing, exchanging, dealing and marketing all sorts of electronics & electrical goods. REL is the only authorized licensee of SONY CORPORATION, TOKYO, JAPAN.

The company has been assembling, marketing and distributing SONY products in Bangladesh for the last 30 years.

REL is also an authorized distributor of world-famous brands like, PANASONIC, FUJI, DAISHIN and YASUKA.

In addition, the company has developed its own brand RANGS.

It’s mission is to Provide the population of Bangladesh with modern technology by offering quality products and proper after sales service through multi distribution channels to make their lives easier, more comfortable and convenient.

The company has the visions to achieve business excellence by satisfying consumer expectations through quality products.

And also by establishing a congenial working place with competent employees and by offering quality products at reasonable prices Rangs Electronics Ltd. want to create a bond with every customer in order to maximize profit through perfect competition.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Rangs Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.

10. Sharp Refrigerator

Sharp is a very well-known global home electronics brand that is based in Japan. The brand has an impressive portfolio of products, including a line of world-class refrigerators.

Sharp refrigerators are known for their top of the line quality and customer compliance. The brand is one of the pioneers in the refrigerator industry that is quick to adapt and implement new technology and design into its products.

Sharp refrigerators have the added appeal of that tried and tested Japanese engineering. All of these factors have led the brand into becoming one of the leading global refrigerator brands.

If you are looking for the best best and most affordable Sharp Refrigerator in Bangladesh then Pubani is the right place. for you.


Question: Which brand is best for fridge in Bangladesh?

Answer: Bangladesh's Top Ten Refrigerator Brands are: Hitachi, Walton, Samsung, Singer, Rangs, Sharp, Marcel, Vision, Minister, Jamuna.

Question: What is an inverter refrigerator?

Answer: An adjustable speed compressor in an inverter freezer regulates its speed based on the ambient temperature and the pressure on the refrigerator.

In an inverter refrigerator, the compressor does not start and stop, but instead runs at a low enough speed to keep the fridge at the desired temperature at all times.

Question: How to buy a refrigerator?

Answer: Follow the steps following to learn how to buy a refrigerator.

  1. Before purchasing a new refrigerator, consider the size and layout of your kitchen.
  2. Decide on the style and layout of your refrigerator.
  3. Think about the volume and storing possibilities for your refrigerator.
  4. Look for features that you'll utilize on your refrigerator.
  5. Decide on the color and finish of your refrigerator.

Question: What is a normal size refrigerator?

Answer: Refrigerator sizes typically ranging from 24 to 40 inches wide, 62 to 72 inches tall, and 29 to 36 inches deep. French door and side-by-side freezers are typically wider and taller than counter-depth versions, while counter-depth versions are commonly offered in these two combinations.


When it comes to house insurance, the refrigerator will be classified “private possessions.” Make sure to consider the value of your refrigerator when estimating the restoration price of all of your goods.

The expense of replacement might be prohibitively expensive, particularly if you own one of the new “Smart” refrigerators.

Equipment may be included in the buying price of a new unit. Nevertheless, in the case of a loss, these items are usually not protected by the condominium institution's insurance and must be covered separately by you.

A handful electronic household gadgets are becoming a part of our daily lives in recent years. One of them is a refrigerator. It prevents the rotting of veggies, berries, and other foods.

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