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Walton Mobile Price in Bangladesh

About Walton Mobile

Walton is a Bangladeshi Group, founded in 1977. Walton first started its journey as a trading company but the group soon diversified into steel, textile, electronics and automobiles. Since 2000 Walton started working with automobiles. AS soon as they started expanding towards mobile phones, it became their most important income source.

Walton is one of Bangladesh’s leading business conglomerates. This group distributes at least 4,500 types of electric, electronics and handsets. AS it has won the Best Brand in Bangladesh Award it must be usual for Bangladeshis to want to use its products. So, if you live in Bangladesh, you might be curious about Walton mobile price in Bangladesh.

Why should you choose Walton Mobile?

The first Bangladeshi group to come up eth the idea of expanding on handsets is Walton. After starting working on automobiles their products instantly got popularity among the country. And as for its affordable price, it instantly gained a lot popularity among the local people with low- or middle-income. So, as it has been one of the best brands to provide mobile phones in Bangladesh, we hope to get the best features and services from its products. Let’s see the features we can find in a Walton handset:

  • Smart looking
  • Great Battery capacity
  • Enough storage
  • Both of the front camera and rear Camera is great
  • RAM is at least if 2 GB
  • Great display
  • Fast changing
  • Strong and long lasting

Buying Guide

When mobile has become our daily life companion, we need to choose it wisely, but in the overwhelming mobile market you might get confused about what kind of mobile phone or from which brand you should buy your mobile phone from. So, first you need to be clear about your needs. You have to find out what do you use your mobile phone for. Also, you have to consider things like RAM, Battery Capacity, storage etc. Before buying a phone.


The brain of your smartphone’s system is the processor. For seamless function of your device your phone needs one capable processor. So, know what processors you’re getting along with your phone


Then coming to RAM, a sufficient RAM will allow you to have a large number of Apps running in the backgrounds, so it’d be easier for multitasking. Also, smartphones use it to hold data that active apps use.

Operating system

You have two choices about the operating system, one android and another iOS. So, if you want a strong and simple operating system maybe you should go for iOS. But if you want to customize your device then you probably should buy Androids.

Display and Screen

Having a good display is required for a good smart phone. As smartphones has been increasing their display sizes day by day you also should keep things like display type and resolutions in mind.


Keep in mind that your device has to have the right amount of storage. Maybe 64GB is the standard storage amount of storage on lower-end models and 128GB to 512GB on flagships.


The most important part is, always buy a phone with the battery life that fits your daily requirements. If you’re a heavy user then you must need a battery that goes more than 6 hours per day.

Camera and others

Also, you should look at the camera qualities of the phone, especially if you love to take photos. And also, consider things like wireless charging, Gaming Mode, Privacy settings, IP Rating etc.

Walton Best Seller Mobile

Walton Primo X5

  1. 99-inch full HD display
  2. Scratch resistant glass layer
  3. Superfast 6GB RAM, 64GB ROM
  4. BSI 13MP + 5MP dual lens
  5. Clear and loud sound

Walton Primo ZX3

  1. 5GHz OCTA-CORE Processor
  2. 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM
  3. 20MP front camera and 5MP dual back camera
  4. Fingerprint scanner

Walton Primo RX7

  1. Both side scratch resistant glass
  2. 2340x1080p resolution IPS display
  3. 0GHz Octa-core processor
  5. 16MP Camera
  6. Fingerprint and face ID lock system

Walton Primo S7

  1. 12nm 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor
  2. 3GB RAM
  3. 12MP main camera
  4. 13M super wide angle depth sensing camera with BSI sensor

Walton Primo R6 Max

  1. 5D curved glass
  2. 26” U-marked IPS display
  3. 6GHz Octa-core processor
  4. 3GB RAM
  5. 32GB OR 64 GB storage
  6. 13MP + 2MP dual back camera

Walton Primo S6 Dual

  1. 7-inch display
  2. 13MP + 2MP dual back camera
  3. 5GHz Quad core Processor
  4. 3GB RAM
  5. 32GB storage

Walton Primo S6 Infinity

  1. 64 Bit 1.3GHz Quad core processor
  2. 3GB RAM
  3. 32GB storage
  4. 13MP flash camera

Walton Primo H8 Pro

  1. 50cm IPS notch display
  2. 2GB or 3GB RAM
  3. 16 GB or 32GB ROM
  4. 13MP Rear camera
  5. 8MP front camera

Walton Primo D9

  1. 3GHz Quad core Processor
  2. 512MB RAM
  3. 8GB ROM
  4. 2MP rear camera

Walton Primo E9 Exclusive

  1. 5-inch display
  2. 1GB RAM
  3. 8GB ROM
  4. Android 8.1 Oreo OS

Walton Mobile Price in Bangladesh

As Walton is one of the leading business conglomerates of Bangladesh, so if you live in Bangladesh, you must be curious about Walton mobile price in Bangladesh. It's the best brand in here and so are the products it distributes are. It’s the most known Bangladeshi group which started to distribute automobiles in the country and also imported handsets in China. So, if you want to buy any Walton handsets here are the Walton mobile price in Bangladesh:

1.Walton Primo GH8                              Price -7,999 BDT

2.Walton Primo NH5                              Price- 6,599 BDT

3.Walton Primo R6                                 Price- 9,599 BDT

4.Walton Primo E10                               Price- 4,500 BDT

5.Walton Primo EF8 4G                         Price- 4,699 BDT

6.Walton Primo F9                                  Price- 5,199 BDT

7.Walton Primo NHF4                            Price- 4,999 BDT

8.Walton Primo NF4                              Price- 6,299 BDT

9.Walton Primo G8i                               Price- 5,999 BDT

10.Walton Primo R5+                            Price- 10,999 BDT

11.Walton Primo X5                                Price- 24,999 BDT

12.Walton Primo GM3+                          Price- 7,999 BDT

13.Walton Primo H7s                               Price- 8,999 BDT

14.Walton Primo S6 Dual                      Price- 14,999 BDT

15.Walton Primo GM3                           Price-6,899 BDT

16.Walton Primo GF7                             Price-5,499 BDT

17.Walton Primo RX8 Mini                    Price- 11,999 BDT

18.Walton Primo R8                                Price- 10,699 BDT

19.Walton Primo N5                                Price- 12,499 BDT

20.Walton Primo HM6                            Price- 8,299 BDT

21.Walton Primo RX8                              Price- 15,599 BDT

22.Walton Primo NF5                              Price- 9,699 BDT

23.Walton Primo RM4                             Price- 10,599 BDT

Since it came to the market Walton has been one of the best and most preferred mobile set of customers. So, obviously we can say it’s the one of the best mobile phones out there that we can buy in a very reasonable price.

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