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Symphony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

About Symphony Mobile Phone

Encouraged by the strong communication needs Edison Group came up with this brand, called Symphony at the end of 2008. Firstly, they used to manufacture phones in China and import the phones to Bangladesh. But then, they thought of establishing its factory in Bangladesh in 2018. And from then it’s been one of the top-selling mobile phone brands in Bangladesh.

Its competitive pricing strategy, the adoption of cutting-edge innovation, nationwide distribution and customer-friendly characteristics made the brand achieve a market leader position within only two years. And as it’s been the Number 1 handset brand in Bangladesh since 2011, it’s usual to want to know about Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh.

Why should you choose a Symphony mobile phone?

Though mobile phones were first invented for only communication now our day-to-day life has been depending on it. So, before buying one we have to be sure if the mobile phone is going to meet all of our needs or not.

As mobile phones kind of perform as our daily life companion we have to know about the qualities the specific mobile has, that we want to buy. So before knowing the price let’s know about the features and services Symphony mobile phones come with.

As we can see Symphony has gained a lot of fame in just a short period, especially in Bangladesh.  It’s the first non-brand smartphone company in Bangladesh, when smartphones were not available for everyone this was the only brand that came with all those smartphone features. And also because of its affordable price, it became popular among the middle-income youth and youngsters.

Since 2008 the company has been improving its products day by day and in 2012, they first started distributing smartphones among the users. And the brand is still looking at new possibilities and services for its customers.

Now let’s see the features and services symphony mobile phones come with that might interest a buyer.

  • Smart looking
  • Durable battery
  • Fast charging
  • Fast charging
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Provides good security
  • Customer friendly

Buying Guide

When mobile has become our daily life companion, we need to choose it wisely, but in the overwhelming mobile market you might get confused about what kind of mobile phone or from which brand you should buy your mobile phone from. So, first you need to be clear about your needs. You have to find out what do you use your mobile phone for. Also, you have to consider things like RAM, Battery Capacity, storage etc. Before buying a phone.


The brain of your smartphone’s system is the processor. For seamless function of your device your phone needs one capable processor. So, know what processors you’re getting along with your phone


Then coming to RAM, a sufficient RAM will allow you to have a large number of Apps running in the backgrounds, so it’d be easier for multitasking. Also, smartphones use it to hold data that active apps use.

Operating system

You have two choices about the operating system, one android and another iOS. So, if you want a strong and simple operating system maybe you should go for iOS. But if you want to customize your device then you probably should buy Androids.

Display and Screen

Having a good display is required for a good smart phone. As smartphones has been increasing their display sizes day by day you also should keep things like display type and resolutions in mind.


Keep in mind that your device has to have the right amount of storage. Maybe 64GB is the standard storage amount of storage on lower-end models and 128GB to 512GB on flagships.


The most important part is, always buy a phone with the battery life that fits your daily requirements. If you’re a heavy user then you must need a battery that goes more than 6 hours per day.

Camera and others

Also, you should look at the camera qualities of the phone, especially if you love to take photos. And also, consider things like wireless charging, Gaming Mode, Privacy settings, IP Rating etc.

Symphony Best seller Mobiles

Symphony Z25

Body dimension                            157 x 73.7 x 9.

Body weight                                  171g

Display Type                                 IPS

Display Size                                  6.09 inch

Display Resolution                        1560 x 720

Operating System                         Android

OS version                                    9.0

CPU                                              1.6 GHz Octa-Core

Memory Internal                           32 GB

Memory External                          MicroSD, up to 64 GB

RAM                                             3 GB

Primary Camera                           Dual 13 MP+2MP

Secondary Camera                      8MP

Battery Capacity                           4000 mAh

Colours                                         Light Blue and Dark Blue

Symphony Z20

Body dimension                            161.4 x76.7 x 8.55 mm

Body weight                                  176 g

Display Type                                 IPS Water Drop Notch Display

Display Size                                  6.26 inches

Display Resolution                        720 x 1520 pixels HD

Operating System                         Android

OS version                                    9.0 (Pie)

CPU                                              1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor

Memory Internal                           32 GB

Memory External                          microSD, up to 64 GB

RAM                                              3 GB

Primary Camera                           Dual 13 MP+2MP

Secondary Camera                       8 MP

Battery Capacity                           3000 mAh

Colors                                           Light Blue and Dark Blue

Symphony Z12

Body dimension                            157 x 73.8 x 9.85

Body weight                                  176 g

Display Type                                 IPS

Display Size                                  6.09 inch

Display Resolution                        720 x 1440 pixels

Operating System                         Android

OS version                                    9.0 (Pie)

CPU                                              1.6 GHz Octa-Core

Memory Internal                           16 GB

Memory External                          microSD, up to 64 GB

RAM                                              2 GB

Primary Camera                           Dual: 14 MP

Secondary Camera                      8 MP

Battery Capacity                           3500 mAh

Colors                                           Midnight Blue, Aqua Blue, Cranberry Red

Symphony i74

Body dimension                            148.3 x 72 x 9.3 mm

Body weight                                  156 g

Display Size                                  5.45 inch

Display Resolution                       720 x 1440 pixels, HD+

Operating System                         Android

OS version                                    9.0 (Pie)

CPU                                             Quad-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A53

Memory Internal                           16 GB

Memory External                          microSD, up to 64 GB

RAM                                             2 GB

Primary Camera                           8 MP

Secondary Camera                      8 MP

Battery Capacity                           3000 mAh

Colors                                           Aurora Purple, Amazon Green, Caribbean Blue, Midnight blue

Symphony V105Symphony V105

Body dimension                            144 x 71 x 9.2 mm

Body weight                                  138 g

Display Size                                  5 inch

Display Resolution                        1280 x 720 pixels

Operating System                         Android

OS version                                     8.1.0 Oreo (Go Edition)

CPU                                              1.3GHz Quad-Core

Memory Internal                           8 GB

Memory External                           microSD, up to 32 GB

RAM                                             1 GB

Primary Camera                           5 MP

Secondary Camera                      5 MP

Battery Capacity                           2200 mAh

Colors                                           Dark Blue, Light Blue and Full Gold

Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh

As we can see, the Symphony has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh. Also because of the affordable price, it’s been one of the most preferred mobile phones in here. Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh starts from 899.00 BDT. And the price range for smartphones is between 2,990 BDT to 12,990 BDT. So, we can see Symphony mobile price in Bangladesh is very friendly, especially for the middle-income folks. Now, let’s see the current prices.

Symphony P11                          Price- 12,990 BDT

Symphony V140                        Price- 5,690 BDT

Symphony i110                          Price- 8,990 BDT

Symphony i10+                          Price- 6,990 BDT

Symphony V9                             Price- 4,540 BDT

Symphony i120                          Price- 5,690 BDT

Symphony V135                        Price- 5,390 BDT

Symphony V140                        Price- 5,690 BDT

Symphony V97                          Price- 4,390 BDT

Symphony i65                             Price- 6,190 BDT

Symphony V142                        Price- 5,490 BDT

Symphony V195                        Price- 5 890 BDT

Symphony V115                        Price- 5,790 BDT

Symphony V145                        Price- 5,990 BDT

Symphony V141                        Price- 4,490 BDT

Symphony i18                             Price- 5,390 BDT

Symphony i72                             Price- 6,390 BDT

Symphony V97                          Price- 4,390 BDT

Symphony Z15                           Price- 8,490 BDT

Symphony V97                          Price- 4,390 BDT

Symphony Z20                           Price- 8,990 BDT

Symphony V102                        Price- 3,890 BDT

Since it came to the marketSymphony has been one of the best and most preferred mobile set of customers. So, obviously we can say it’s the one of the best mobile phones out there that we can buy in a very reasonable price.

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