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  Samsung AC Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is a multinational electronics company based in South Korea. The enterprise was founded in 1938 as a trading company and started making electronic products in 1969. They manufacture electronic products such as smartphones, mobile accessories, watches, smart switches, air conditioners, etc. Samsung is a leading electronic product manufacturing and distributing company all around the globe.

Samsung Air Conditioners come with the classical features associated with Samsung products. Their quality, innovation, and service can compete with any other AC brand. Samsung is one of the leading air conditioner manufacturing and distributing brands around the world.

Why choose Samsung AC

Samsung manufactured ACs are one of the best quality ones present in today’s market. Their customer service is top-notch. Their innovations are outstanding and very detail-oriented. Most of their ACs have exceptional cooling capacity. Here are some more reasons why Samsung ACs are some of the best ones in the market-

  • Samsung-made ACs are eco-friendly.
  • Samsung ACs are energy-saving. You don’t have to pay large electricity for using them.
  • Samsung ACs are durable and long-lasting. Their digital inverter compressor promises 10 years of durability.
  •  Some Samsung-made ACs come with the smart home app. Which allows the user to control their ACs and other Samsung appliances with their smartphones.

Types of Samsung AC

There are 6 types of Samsung AC available on the market today. These are-

Central air conditioning:  These are the most common type of AC since they are used to cool large spaces such as markets, commercial spaces, or spacious homes. These can cool a large space efficiently but the installation can be complex and needs planning.

Ductless, mini-split air conditioner: This type of ACs is used to cool a particular room or part of the house. They have an outdoor unit and can have one or multiple indoor units connected to the outdoor one.

Window air conditioner: This type of AC is installed in the window of a room. They emit warm air out of their back and cool air out of the front. They work best in small spaces.

Portable air conditioner: This type of AC takes air from the room, cools it, and emits it back into the room. The warm air is emitted outside the room by an exhaust hose that is installed on a window. They can be easily installed, are versatile and affordable.

Hybrid air conditioner: This type of ACs takes warm air from your room in summer and emits cool air. In winter it can work in reverse, taking cool air from your room and emitting warm air. This type of AC is energy efficient.

Geothermal heating and cooling: This type of AC has a geothermal coil installed deep in the ground. In the summer they distribute the heat from your room into the ground and in the winter they extract heat from the ground and distribute it in your room. They are eco-friendly.

Samsung AC Buying Guide

If you are considering buying an AC you should compare several facts such as cooling capacity, what kind of coolant it uses, whether it is eco-friendly and energy-saving, how much square meter it can cover best, how user-friendly is the model, and such things.

When buying an air conditioner you must keep the capacity of tonnage in mind. If you are trying to buy an AC for a larger space with more sources emitting heat then you should buy one with more tonnage. If you don’t get tonnage matched to the space you want to cool, the AC won’t be able to work efficiently and will waste energy.

The type of AC you should get also depends on the available space you have to install the AC. Then you can choose one according to your preference that will fit in your space. Some ACs can be tricky to install and can need proper planning; you should keep that in mind when buying an AC. You might also want to consider the more advanced features that Air conditioners come with these days.

To buy the best AC you can get you should take time to compare brands and models of ACs and compare the feature they come with. For that, you can read up brochures of different air conditioner models. You should also get your AC from a brand that offers you decent customer service because your Air conditioner will require servicing from time to time.

Bestseller Samsung AC

Some bestseller Samsung ACs are listed below-

  • Samsung AR18TY3QCBU: This model saves on energy, cools faster, its filters can filter dust, pollen, and contaminants from the air.
  • Samsung AR12TY3QCBR: This model is energy saving, its cooling lasts longer and has a smart good sleep mode that can set the AC to temperature suited to every sleep cycle.
  • Samsung AR18TV5HLTU: This model's digital inverter is very energy efficient; it maintains the preferred temperature without frequently turning it off and on. This model also offers fast cooling and pure air.

Samsung AC price in Bangladesh

Samsung AC price in Bangladesh can range from 55,000-110,000 taka. The price may be even higher for more advanced smart models. Mainly the prices vary because of the technology and coolant used, the tonnage count, and for more advanced features. The higher-tech the model, the more it costs.

Naturally, the Samsung AC price in Bangladesh is different for every model. For example, a Samsung 2.0 Ton Inverter Split AC with Digital Inverter costs 98,000 taka, a Samsung 1 Ton AR12TVYDWKUFE Air Conditioner 65,000 taka, a Samsung 2.0 Ton AR24TVHYDWKUFE Air Conditioner costs 91,500 taka.

More eco-friendly and energy-saving air conditioners tend to cost more as the technology used in them is much more advanced and is expensive. Since Samsung is a leading AC manufacturer brand worldwide there prices tend to be a bit higher than smaller brands. However, they do more than makeup for it with their customer service and their high-quality product.

Air Conditioners keep you a lot cooler in the intense summer heat. To keep your home or commercial space cool and comfortable, buy a Samsung AC this summer.

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