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Minister AC Price in Bangladesh

MyOne Electronics Industries Limited was founded in 2002 by Mr. M.A. Razzak Khan Raz. The founder of this enterprise later established Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited on 01 June 2013. It is the fastest-growing electronics company in Bangladesh. Minister is the latest technology-oriented industry in Bangladesh.

Minister Hi-Tech Park Limited is the manufacturer of Minister AC in Bangladesh. Their ACs use advanced technology that makes them cool faster and more efficiently. Minister ACs maintain good quality and are high performing, Minister also provides good customer service. They are very durable and long-lasting and their smart designs make them good to look at.

Why choose Minister AC

Minister makes the best quality air conditioners at an affordable price. This local company offers excellent customer care service. Their products are getting better with time and they strive to keep up that growth. They have a strong dealer network and modern show-room management. Here are some more reasons why choosing Minister AC would be a smart choice-

  • Some Minister ACs use R410a gas as a refrigerant. This gas has low global warming potential and zeroes ozone depletion potential. Hence, Minister ACs are eco-friendly.
  • Minister ACs have strong dehumidification and freeze prevention capacity.
  • Minister ACs come with a quieter and more efficient cooling capacity.
  • Minister ACs come with a wide temperature and voltage range. This keeps the AC running more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Minister AC's advanced models offer distant control via smartphones.

Types of Minister AC

There are 3 types of Minister AC available on the market today all of which are durable and high performing. These types are-

Split air conditioner: This type of ACs is eco-friendly and provides clean and healthy air. Its twin-fold inverter technology can save up to 60% electricity. They come with distant control through Smart Control via Smart Phone. Their twin fold inverter AC has horizontal & vertical swing which enables the air to swing in four directions.

Cassette/ ceiling type air conditioner: This type is elegantly designed which will match anyone's style and quality preference. This type's unique design offers better performance and is more durable and long-lasting. They offer protection from high and low voltage conditions. Their condenser and evaporator are made from 100% copper tube and anticorrosive hydrophilic golden fin to ensure safe heat transfer.

 Industrial HVAC air conditioner: This type offers VRF and chiller for air conditioning your home and commercial space. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology is an alternative realistic substitute to traditional central air conditioning systems. This model offers individual zone control ability for varying ranges of space.

Minister AC Buying Guide

If you are considering buying an AC you should compare several facts such as cooling capacity, what kind of coolant it uses, whether it is eco-friendly and energy-saving, how much square meter it can cover best, whether it uses inverter or non-inverter technology, how user-friendly is the model, how many modes it can run on, and such things.

When buying an air conditioner you must keep the capacity of tonnage in mind. If you are trying to buy an AC for a larger space with more sources emitting heat then you should buy a model that has more tonnage. If you don’t get tonnage matched to the space you want to cool, the AC won’t be able to work efficiently, it will need to run for a longer time and hence will waste energy.

The type of AC you should get also depends on the available space you have to install the AC. You should choose one according to your preference that will fit in your space, otherwise, it might not fit at all and even if it does, it won’t look good. Some ACs can be tricky to install and can need proper planning; you should keep that in mind when buying an AC. You might also want to consider the more advanced features that Air conditioners come with these days.

To buy the best AC you can get you should take time to compare brands and models of ACs and compare the feature they come with. For that, you can read up brochures of different air conditioner models. You should also get your AC from a brand that offers you decent customer service because your Air conditioner will require servicing from time to time. Servicing done by the manufacturer company is less expensive and more efficient.

Bestseller Minister AC

Some of the bestselling Minister AC models are listed below-

  • Minister Split AC 1 Ton: This model uses R410a gas as refrigerant which makes it eco-friendly, it uses fast cooling technology and produces low noise.
  • Minister Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter: This model has wide distance airflow, is very durable and eco-friendly, produces low noise.
  • Minister Ceiling 3 Ton AC: This model can be used for both heating and cooling. It produces less noise and is high-performing and fast cooling.

Minister AC Price in Bangladesh

Minister AC Price in Bangladesh can range from 39,000-167,000 taka. The price may be even higher for more advanced smart models. Mainly the prices vary because of the technology and coolant used, the tonnage count, the design, and for more advanced features. The higher-tech the model, the more it costs.

Naturally, the Minister AC price in Bangladesh is different for every model. For example, a Minister Cassette 3 Ton costs 156,000 taka, a Minister Split AC 1 ton costs 39,000 taka, a Minister Split AC 1.5 Ton Inverter costs 65,000 taka.

More eco-friendly and energy-saving air conditioners tend to cost more as the technology used in them is much more advanced and is expensive. Minister being a local brand knows the range the locals can afford and tries to keep their products within the budget. Their products are affordable, innovative, high performance, and provide the best service.

Air Conditioners help keep you a lot cooler in the intense summer heat; they help you to be relaxed and comfortable in your space. To keep your home or commercial space cool and comfortable, buy a Minister AC this summer.

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